T Engineering


T Engineering

Professional and practical problem solving

T Engineering is a Canadian engineering consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario. With expertise and operation experience in cemented rockfill (CRF), hydraulic fill (HF), and cemented paste backfill (CPB), T Engineering provides all aspects of engineering services around the world. Services offered include engineering studies, process audits, commissioning, QA/QC, troubleshooting, and more. To deliver this, our team consists of experts and professional engineers in process, mechanical, piping, structural, geotechnical and material engineering.

and Engineering

Cultivating great science and engineering for humanity

Human activities have been found to have a significant impact on the environment and quality of our life. Often, we are humbled by the complexity and the scale of the problems we need to solve. Good design and problem solving require knowledge. Therefore, we have continuously invested in developing science, engineering, and new tools to be better at what we do. More importantly, it is through cultivating great science and engineering that we give back to society.

Publications and Awards

Open to share, learn and collaborate.

We regularly attend and contribute to technical conferences to interact with our colleagues in the industry. We believe we have lots to learn from and certainly try to share what we learn. In 2019, the team had the privilege of being awarded Innovative Applications by SCA for the design and execution of the Giant Mine Remediation project. This project used reclaimed tailings to produce backfill with a range of properties for stabilizing the underground arsenic trioxide storage chambers.