Our team consists of backfill specialists, professional engineers, project managers, and construction managers. We are looking for colleagues to learn from, to mentor, and to build great things together. While we provide general engineering services in piping, civil structural and process design, we specialize in mine backfill. This lesser known discipline of engineering utilizes wastes (such as waste rock, tailings, or alluvial sand) to backfill underground. The common goals of backfill projects range from environmental remediation, ground stability in an active mine operation, and minimize environmental impact by minimizing surface footprint of large scale mining or industrial processes.

Want to apply your technical skills to solve real world problems? Have knowledge and experience to contribute? Apply below.

We are currently looking for the following:

  • Backfill Engineer/Specialist (2 to 10 years consulting or operation experience)
  • Mechanical EIT (0 to 2 years experience)
  • Mechanical Engineer (5 to 10 years experience)
  • Electrical Engineer (5 to 25 years experience)
  • Process EIT/Engineer (2 to 15 years experience)